The 2014 sailing season have started. The kick-off for Lettskremt was the Askøy Shorthanded Race from Askøy to Florø and return. Approximately 180 nautical miles, with a 5 hours pit-stop in Florø.
This boat was never meant to be sailed by 2 persons only, so this race was for us just a test of the boat. To sail against others just to check the tuning and trimming of the rig, and to see how we were able to handle her. We learned a lot.
We never tried to win. I knew that if we wanted to win we had to go out in open ocean. This is my home area, and I know the currents and tides effect in the most critical areas pretty well. But then we would not be able to see how we sailed against others.

We competed until the wind died, just east of where I live. There we retired. Found out what I wanted, and I didn’t want to sail another 120 Nm, just to sail 60 Nm back home. I was 1 hour away from bed, and I didn’t believe much in our position in the race.
The crew was me and Jan Ã…ke Mangersnes

The Shetland Race 2014
Skipper: Me
Co-Skipper: Aleksander Hagewick
Gunnar Hopen
Jørgen Rød
Torbjørn Sæther
Finn Vidar Madsen
Anne Lene Sondresen

We finished 14 Bergen-Lerwick, 12 Lerwick-Bergen. Not a result I would be pleased with in my old boat, but with almost no experience in this one I believe we should be happy not being last. We did a lot right, but some mistakes done tactically. We did not get the best out of the boat from the start. The boat speed wasn’t even close to what we should have had. And a bit unlucky with our choice of route when we were about to loose the wind when going west set us back even more. We picked up again from about half-way over, but we were just too far behind. The conditions on the last part of leg one was fun though. Waves were up to 6-7 meters, and we had really fun surfing towards Shetland. I don’t believe we were even close to possible speed, but we reached 14,2 knots a few times.

Going east we got a bad start, then picked up again a little in the early part. The forecast was up to 30 knots of wind in the middle of the North Sea, so we headed north a bit to be able to run offwind when the wind picked up. This I believe was tactically right, except we probably started to head off the wind a little early. We came in towards the finishing line too far south. This lead us into downwind sailing in almost no wind at all, seing the competition passing us from both north and south side of our course line at a broad reach. No good at all.

Not a good result in the competition, but learned a lot. And despite some seasickness it seems the crew enjoied the trip.

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