There is always work to do on a boat. This one is no exception.
Work already done:
The fore stay has been extended around 100 mm to get a better pre-bend to the mast.
Replaced missing slides in the “old” mainsail.
Replaced the reefing system at the mast.
Fitted proper slides in the racing mainsail
The boat is cleaned inside. Everything not needed removed.
Changed the main hoist
Repaired some damage on the stringers under the mainsheet. Some laminating was needed. All done with epoxy and top quality fiberglass.

To be done as soon as possible:
A better wedge system (through the deck) has to be fitted
Fine tuning the rig
Adjusting the length of the “Strongtack” to fit the mast better after the new trim.
A heater will be installed
Changing of the shackles for the foresail. Never understood Harken’s solution with shackles. Quick release hooks ordered.
Gennaker pole ready for pick-up. To be installed as soon as possible.

Upgrading of equipment for offshore category:

VHF Antenna to be moved to the top of the mast

To buy list:

Liferaft. Bought.
Storm jib. In the boat now.
Try sail. In the boat now.
Tricolor for the mast top
VHF antenna
New cable for the mast top
One new sail is already ordered.. the secret weapon.. Received.

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