The boat

The name Lettskremt:
Lettskremt is Norwegian and means “Easily scared”. IMO, the name suits the boat well.. It doesn’t take a lot of wind to “scare” her up to good speed!

The boat:
The boat is a X-Yachts 1 tonner from 1986. 40 footer, approximately 5900kg, out of which 3000kg are lead keel. Total height of mast approximately 20 meters.
No luxury cruiser, but functional below deck. No separate cabins there, so not so much private life for the crew. But then, I never bought it for cruising..

The rig:
3 spreader fractional with diamond stays to stabilize the top. All rigging, even check stays and running backstays are rod.

Main: 1pc 58m2 Carbon/Technora + 1pc Kevlar + 2 older ones
Genoa 1, 1pc 50m2 Carbon/Technora + 1 Kevlar
Genoa 1 Carbon/Spectra(?), 1pc
Genoa 1 light, 1pc, not tried by me yet
Genoa 3, 1pc Kevlar + 1 older one
Genoa 5, 2 of them, not used my me yet
Spinnaker, light wind: Triradial 0.75 Oz
Spinnaker, hard wind and reaching: Triradial 1.5 Oz
Gennaker will come
Trysail and storm jib will come

VHF radio
ICE Net Internet
Cellphone when in coverage

The crew:
Skipper/Owner: Lars Grepstad
Crew on pick-up trip: Mats Grepstad
The rest of the crew will probably be different from race to race.

Home port:
Bulandet, Norway


More to come

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